For many years I’ve been involved with the production of cards, stationery, and printing in general. My first job at fifteen was working a Cronite Engraving Press and a Multi 1250 Offset Printing Press at my Dad’s engraving and printing company in upstate New York. I worked there steadily three years doing all kinds of print production work. That period of my life profoundly impacted me, leaving a deep interest and respect for printed matter and all aspects of the printing industry. And coming into the field as it was brinking onto the digital revolution and the birth of Macs, so started my fascination with Adobe software, typography, and graphic design. So it may seem odd then that when it came time to create my own line of cards, I started with a totally hand done process, void of anything having to do with printing and digital prepress. I wanted to make something truly unique and original, and here's the result...

Except for the fine art supplies from which these cards are made, they are completely and individually handcrafted. Painted, duplexed, and finished all by hand, they are the result of a patiently perfected technique. The painted side is in two coats  - a base color which is allowed to dry, and then a top color which is combed through while still wet, thus exposing the bottom. This creates stunning patterns between lines and curves and gives rise to a rich texture. And since only heavyweight art papers are used (between 60 and 90 lbs), the cards after duplexing are very substantial in weight. They come flat or folded, sizes vary, and color combinations are infinite (including metallics). The writing side is available in a variety of colors and textures as well. Available custom order only, these cards are extraordinary, each an individual objet d’arte - or “objet de carte”.


And these very same cards serve as the building blocks for many of my art pieces. By cutting up cards and mounting pieces onto art board, shapes come together to make eye catching and colorful designs. Shown at the right are "Sun" and "Trees".

I have many pieces made in this manner which have been reproduced to make up part of my greeting card collection. It's funny because the hand painted cards led to art pieces, which when reproduced, led to additional cards. That's why I say "Is it a card? Is it art? It's Objet de Carte - Cards as Art". So then, am I an artist or a cardist? Hmmm...

In addition, I work with photography, photos with collage, digital art, and poetry. Visit the Objet de Carte Online Gallery to have a peek.

I enjoy working in many different media, but one thing is and will always stay consistent - my dedication to producing a unique and quality product line. I invite you to check out my site and please, if you have any questions or comments about anything, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Thanks for your time, and enjoy!

-Robert Evan Brownstein



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